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Mark (10/6): Here is a second cut.

Download: Document Icongriffin.kit

Changes follow. Active color for menus in the menubar not right, but most others should be good. Let me know about any color/border/etc. things that still don't look right. Haven't touched the fonts yet.

2003-09-30 (roseman) fixed bug that prevented launching demos on OS X

2003-09-30 (roseman) the initial Griffin app now comes up Griffinized

2003-09-30 (roseman) option settings updates:
     - made width/border changes apply to X11 only
     - shrunk width of scrollbars (X11)
     - changed menubar relief to flat (X11)

2003-10-04 (roseman) updated color settings:
     - applied to X11 only
     - added many more colors to avoid missing defaults in previous cut
     - restructured code to match how things assigned in tk*Default.h

This is shipped as a Starkit; to try it out, please download a recent Tclkit from

Please post questions and feedback on this page (undoubtedly things will get moved elsewhere later). A few things to consider:

Keep in mind the Deliverables page for how this will hopefully evolve. And as always of course, see How to Contribute.

Comments on first release moved to Griffin 20030915.

Posted at Oct 06/2003 07:08 AM:
Arjen Markus: I like the looks on Sun/Solaris. There are a few points I do want to complain about. 1. The pull-down menu blends in with the background. I think it should have a border 2. I can get a pull-down menu on the launched demo only if it is in front of the other windows. (This is not the case with the first window!)

Posted at Oct 06/2003 07:09 AM:
Arjen Markus: Regarding second item: neither is this the case with the ungriffinized window. A quirk or deliberate behaviour? (I have never seen that on UNIX)

Posted at Oct 06/2003 07:11 AM:
Arjen Markus: Oops more complicated: it happens when there are two griffinized windows (At least that is what I seem to be seeing)

Posted at Oct 15/2003 03:42 AM:
lvirden: meta-question. when i attempt to download the starkit by clicking on it, in mozilla 7, mozilla reports that the .kit is 'type text/html' - is that a mozilla bug, or is the server serving the file with the wrong type? Some browsers may try to display the file rather than download it with that type...

Posted at Oct 27/2003 07:46 AM:
davidw: Would it be possible to make the source code to this available in an easily accessible format? It's already easily accessible... just grab and unwrap it - Mark

Posted at Nov 05/2003 07:35 AM:
davidw: All I'm suggesting is that not everyone might want to download 250K of griffin.kit + 1 meg of tclkit for 5K of griffin.tcl.

As far as the look/feel itself, it doesn't look much like either gtk or staroffice (which looks especially windowsy to me even on Linux), or windows, for that matter, with the bold font, which, despite the other improvements, is still the first thing that jumps off the screen.

Posted at Nov 12/2003 02:00 PM:
bryan schofield: I have a couple of suggestions regarding griffin on solaris:

Posted at Nov 13/2003 08:00 AM:
Matthew Ballance: Griffinized menus seem to be missing relief... Compare it to menus in the regular tk LAF. In addition, does anyone know if there's an reasonable way to get default colorschemes for popular window managers? The win9x look is okay, but I'm not convinced that it can be made universal...

Looks good, though

Posted at Nov 13/2003 12:42 PM:
bryan schofield: Has anyone discussed the possibility of having tk load a user and/or system option resource file, if present, by default? I'm 100% for giving tk a nice, updated set of defaults, but I also understand the fact that not everyone will like what ever new defaults are chosen. So it would nice if one could set the look and feel of tk to suit their taste. I realize this is easily done under X with .Xdefaults, but it's kind of shame to cram all this tk stuff in their and that it doesn't work for every platform. Besides, if your like me, you already have 160 .files so what's big deal about adding .tk? Which brings me to my second point; If tk has a resource file that defines it's appearance, then one could easily write a tk resource file editor that lets a user define the appearance of tk graphically. Wouldn't it be nice to select a text widget a set the colors, borderwidth, etc. and see the results instantly. Once you've got the appearance tweaked to perfection, save it, and from then on your tk apps will look how you want. Anyway, food for thought.

Posted at Nov 18/2003 08:29 AM:
Albrecht Mucha: Should the option *Entry.disabledBackground be set to #dfdbd7 ?

Posted at Nov 18/2003 04:35 PM:
bryan schofield: One other thought on colors under unix... Though slightly more complicated, and only slightly, than just setting some options in a resource file, the scheme that I have been using for apps under unix is to set many color options as a derivative of the default background color. It's pretty easy to set text entry type fields to be some percentage lighter than the background. Likewise, troughcolor, disabled text entry fields, active background, etc. can be set using the same technique. This allows the color scheme to still look nice, while preserving users chosen desktop color scheme (at least with some desktop systems like CDE on solaris). Foreground colors can also be automatically determined based on the color intensity of the background.

Posted at Jul 06/2004 02:40 AM:
yahalom emet: the hebrew text in griffin.kit upside down

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