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Are there Tk apps out there that are very well known (regardless of whether people normally know they are Tk apps)?

If they're good, we'll want to collect them to let people know about it.

If they suck, we want to be able to find ways to fix them, helping the originals authors, etc.

Post any examples here...

There's a list of apps on the wiki:

And don't forget the bridges between Tk and other languages... Perl and Python apps built on top of Tk count too!

Posted at Aug 06/2003 08:05 PM:
Andreas Kupries: exmh ( ? pgaccess: ? The second might be good for the good examples page. Also the TclPro / Tcl Dev Kit Applications.

Posted at Aug 07/2003 05:51 AM:
LVirden: What about Abacus (spreadsheet), tkdiff, aegis, android, ASED or some other tcl/tk development ide, some sort of unicode based text editor, some eggdrop related irc client, that visual regular expression tool that's always getting praise (visual regexp ?), a game or two (cardtable perhaps), BURT, ical brought up to date,

Anselm Lingnau: A problem with the make xconfig stuff on Linux may be that it is on the way out -- it is slated to be replaced by something based on Qt in the near future.

Posted at Aug 07/2003 03:06 PM:
Brett Schwarz: Yes, there is a new make xconfig coming out. I actually had started on a new GUI for it, but alas, I never finished it. If anyone ever wants to know how to *not* do a GUI, then look at the make xconfig. I hate to sound harsh, but if you really examine it, then you will know what I mean. I actually has C code that generates the Tcl code... It is highly inefficient in how it uses the widgets.

Megawidget Framework

Posted at Aug 10/2003 07:15 AM:
LSES: The only thing that really annoys me in Tk is that text widgets choke on very large chunks of text. I don't know if this is pertinent, this project seems to be all about looks and thus I am afraid my comment is not pertinent. But I see tkdiff mentioned several times, and I had to give up on tkdiff because it choked with some of the very first pairs of files I used for testing it. I don't remember just how big they were, but my text editor (UltraEdit) and ExamDiff ( opened them easily. tkdiff froze for way longer than I was willing to wait. Something like a full minute, or more. I've also made tiny apps that have to deal with lots of text occasionally, and sometimes they freeze with large loads of data.

Posted at Aug 11/2003 07:42 AM:
George Petasis: Another Tk based application is "Ellogon" ( Ellogon is an NLP platform that has been used in many research projects. But unfortunatelly the web site has only a few (obsolete) screenshots.

Posted at Aug 11/2003 11:37 PM:
Arjen Markus: I have added a script implementing a basic editor for text files to the Wiki [link] The things I do not like about it are described on page A basic editor

Posted at Aug 12/2003 12:38 PM:
Mark Roseman: People, this isn't a catalog of every app written in Tk - we're looking for high profile ones that a lot of people have seen, are widely used, etc.

Posted at Aug 19/2003 11:28 AM:
AK: - Presentation app using Perl/Tk. High profile ? Unknown. I saw it when looking more at the zinc canvas and found slides based on it

Posted at Aug 26/2003 05:26 PM:
Fahd Khan: Try, I can't imagine a higher profile app than that! You need a broader imagination! :-) - Mark

Posted at Aug 29/2003 06:26 AM:
Steve Cassidy: Wavesurfer, from the Snack team, has become a pretty important app in the speech community. There are also a bunch of speech annotation applications that get quite widespread use. Emu is one and the Annotation Graph project ( has a few tools written in either Tcl/Tk or Tkinter.

why not !

Posted at Sep 08/2003 01:59 PM:
AK: Found this on the wiki: (Astronomical Data Visualization )

Posted at Sep 19/2003 08:25 PM:
David S. Cargo: In terms of high profile Tk applications, should we not also consider where Tk applications compete well against other, similar applications? Understanding where Tk (and Tcl) can and cannot compete seems like part of what the revitalization ought to be aware of. (I haven't seen any pages for "competition".)

Posted at Sep 20/2003 06:28 AM:
David S. Cargo: I had another thought: What about "nearly" high-profile Tk applications? These are existing applications that could be high-profile with a bit of makeover work. Surely it would also help make the case to Tk (and Tcl) to show how a little bit of work could improve existing applications to make them even better.

Posted at Oct 01/2003 11:46 AM:
Tim Reilly

I am pretty new to TCL but I think it is really an interesting language. Anyway, I believe that Modelsim, a well known VHDL/Verilog simulator uses a lot of TCL.

Brian Griffin: Thanks Tim! The work on ModelSim lead to the paper presented at the Tcl 2002 conference on Windows look & feel in Tk which lead eventually to Griffin 20030915... To see a demo of the U/I go here:

Posted at Feb 03/2004 09:34 AM:
Ed Suominen: A Tk app that is very well known in its niche is the SCID chess database,

Tkabber is a nice looking Tk jabber client.

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